Where we came from?

Health Rite Pharmacy has been operating and servicing the medical prescription needs of many different patients for over 10 years. Our Pharmacy is located in the heart of Ajax and is composed of a group of medical professionals that take care with prescription dispensing and prescription compounding, while carefully passing on their medication administration knowledge to their patients for effective use.

At Health Rite Pharmacy we care about your health and recovery, which is why we have made a conscious effort to continue to increase patient satisfaction. Our staff work diligently to find the best available products to help you with your medication needs to keep you healthy and happy.

At Health Rite Pharmacy we strive to become community leaders in the drug therapy and prescription discipline, while also offering an array of professional medical services such as: the MedsCheck consultation, Flu-shot Administrations, Diabetes Management and Smoking Cessation therapy. We take it upon ourselves to provide the best professional care with pharmacist-to-patient administration education, prescription compounding and Rx filing so that you can focus entirely on your full recovery.

Customer comes first

At Health Rite Pharmacy, your health and safety is our  number one priority.



Educated & Experienced

You can remained assured that we have qualified and professional staff that know all boundaries.




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