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 Here at Health Rite Pharmacy, we offer premium blister packaging to help manage your complicated medication schedule.

Adherence your medication is paramount to your health and recovery.

If you are taking multiple medications then you qualify for our blister packaging service. When arranging a blister pack for a patient on multiple medications, a pharmacist organizes your Rx’s into specific pockets which correspond with the day and time so that your medication is taken correctly.

Our blister packaging booklets also manage your various medications administration frequencies and they provide written assistance with a colour-code guide to make it easy for you. If you qualify for the blister packaging booklet we encourage you to become a regular member of the MedsCheck program. Our Pharmacists will analyse your medication to ensure that you have a non-conflicting Rx schedule and that it is working for you


 MedsCheck offered at Ajax Health Rite Pharmacy. Do you have diabetes and want to learn how to manage it more effectively? Or are you at risk of getting diabetes?

Book a consultation with our board certified Canadian Diabetic Educators.

Diabetes may have critical repercussions if not properly managed. Health Rite Pharmacy offers you a one-to-one consultation, sitting down with a Diabetic Educator to discuss and help you plan to manage your Diabetes. Our Diabetic Educators will help you understand and simplify your Diabetes case providing you with the best possible practices for both Type I and Type II cases.

MedsCheck Diabetes explained
The MedsCheck Diabetes program is an annual medication review, with followup scheduling based upon patient or pharmacist request, for residents of Ontario living with Diabetes which includes training on the use and disposal of diabetic supplies; education and advice on medication adjustments; and discussion on the impact of lifestyle changes.

The objectives of the MedsCheck Diabetes Program include:

Promoting healthier patient outcomes and self-management of Diabetes
Improving and optimizing drug therapy in combination with lifestyle
Achieving safe, effective and appropriate use of all types of medications, devices and supplies
Ensuring proper disposal of unused and/or expired medication
Aligns with the ministry’s Diabetes strategy
When use MedsCheck Diabetes?
The MedsCheck Diabetes service is available to all patients with a valid OHIP Card living with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes and provides an opportunity for the pharmacist to engage the patient in a focused medication review including advice, training, monitoring and education on diabetes. As many patients living with Diabetes may have other medical conditions, pharmacists are expected to provide advice on overall therapy management.

Pharmacy staff may identify patients with Diabetes through dispensing services and interactions with their patients. In addition, patients themselves, caregivers and relatives as well as health care professionals may identify or refer patients to the pharmacy for this specific service.

Is it free?
Yes – A consultation with a Diabetic Educator and the MedsCheck Diabetes consultation at Health Rite Pharmacy is absolutely FREE and all you need is your OHIP card! Use the form to the left to schedule an appointment or call us at: (905) 428-1711


Ajax – Get your Flu shot at Health Rite Pharmacy located at 75 Bayly St W, Ajax, ON L1S 7K7. Drop-in flu shots are also accepted, no appointment necessary.

Don’t let the flu set you back! Drop in to Health Rite Pharmacy and have one of our injection certified Pharmacists protect you from the flu with the flu shot. Use the form to request an appointment or call: (905) 428-1711

When can I get the Flu Shot?
*Flu shots for the 2015/2016 season are no longer available. The 2016/17 Flu Shot Season will begin Fall 2017. More details will be provided soon.

Are there age restrictions?
* By Ontario’s provincial legislation, Pharmacists cannot administer a flu shot to children under the age of 5.

Pregnant or breastfeeding and the Flu Shot?
Influenza vaccine is considered safe and may be beneficial for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy and for breastfeeding mothers. Speak to your health care professional for further information.

The flu shot is the most effective and longest lasting protection against the Influenza Virus and the illness it can cause. As people are vaccinated, the influenza virus has less of a chance to multiply and circulate.

Who is most at risk to have complication(s) from Influenza?
Protecting yourself can also benefit those around you who may be at risk of severe complication from influenza.

Some of those who are at a higher risk of complication are:

children under the age of 5
adults over the age of 65
pregnant woman
adults and children with medical conditions such as; Asthma, Heart Disease and Diabetes


 MedsCheck offered at Ajax Health Rite Pharmacy

Are you getting all the benefits from your medication? Book a MedsCheck appointment with your pharmacist today and optimize the effectiveness of your prescriptions.

What is MedsCheck?
Managing multiple medications must be carefully calculated to optimize their effectiveness and to prevent negative side effects. At Health Rite Pharmacy you are encouraged to utilize our MedsCheck consultation with one of our Pharmacists. During your consultation one of our pharmacists will sit down with you to discuss your medication and address any concerns. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your medication and that your medication continues to benefit you uninterrupted helping you become a healthier and happier you.

How long does a MedsCheck Consultation take?
The MedsCheck program is a one-to-one medication review with your pharmacist which takes about 20 to 30 minutes. You can expect to learn about all your medications and our pharmacists will let you know how you can get the most benefit out of them.

Is it free? And how do I Schedule a MedsCheck Appointment?
Yes – a MedsCheck consultation with your pharmacist is absolutely FREE and all you need is your OHIP Card! Use the form on the left to schedule an appointment or call us at: (905) 428-1711


 Smoking Cessation Program offered at Ajax ‘s, Health Rite Pharmacy. Step-by-step we can help you quite smoking.

Speak one-to-one with a healthcare professional today!

What can I expect?
As pharmacists, we are not only trained in prescription dispensing services, but also in how to provide advice about over-the-counter drugs. Pharmacists at Health Rite Pharmacy are well educated on smoking cessation drug therapies in order to help you guide you through this process.

We will sit down with you to cover all aspects of the smoking habit-removal process and give you working strategies to avoid a relapse. The program includes a readiness assessment where a patient may enroll in the smoking cessation program with the pharmacy. We will guide you through the whole process from the first consultation through to a number of follow-up counselling sessions over a one-year period.

Ontario’s objectives of the Program?
To align with the principles of other smoking cessation programs in primary health care and community settings to provide smokers with a continuum of care.
To communicate to the public regarding the value of smoking cessation services by community pharmacists and promotion of availability of services
To improve access to and choice of stop smoking services, including advice on smoking cessation therapy and options, support tools, resources and follow-up.
To provide patients with a consistent, evidence-based standard of care based on a screening mechanism, cessation counselling, structured documentation and support.
– Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Is it Free? And what do I need to book an Appointment?
Yes – the Smoking Cessation Program is free! Ontario Drug Plan (ODB) recipients may enroll in the program once per year from the date of the patient’s first meeting with the pharmacist at which time they have agreed to work together on a stop-smoking strategy. Use the form to the left to schedule an appointment or call us at: (905) 428-1711


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 Compounding refers to the process of creating personalized medications to meet the specific needs of a patient. Typically, this is done with a customized prescription from a doctor, and a compounding pharmacy will then combine the necessary ingredients to create the medication.